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Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to The PES

I was talking with someone at work today. I have been needing to update my radio shows' website for some time. The old site was built for the show have in 2002 and it was out of date. It worked well when I had a lot of time to update it all the time and keep on top of it, but since I don't have the time anymore to do that, I needed something more simple. I wanted a place to do a quick show recap and leave a link to the audio for the show. He suggested that I use blogging software. I thought about it and realized for what I want to do with the site now, that really would be the best was to do it.

I will spend some time going through my old show archives and try to transfer everything over here that I can. Then I will keep this up to date. I am excited to finally have a Website that people can use to get what they need.


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