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Monday, April 15, 2002

Kicked Off the Air?

In today's show we spoke about homosexuality. There were a couple things that had happened at both the UI and WSU that caused uproars. We talked about those. But when we dug in some listeners got mad. One listener recorded a portion of the show and turned it into Dan Mahr. Dan listened to the conversation and said that we were kicked off the air.

But then Dan listened to it a couple more times. He quickly realized what we had said was not racist, homophobic, or anything along those lines. He accused us of being shock-jocks. I flatly deny such a charge. This show was unscripted. And it was near the end when we were signing off that I realized that there was an old saying that would wrap up our whole conversation. In all, we didn't mean to make the ripples we did, we just shared our conservative point of view on a radio station known for being very very very left wing.

Topics in today's show:

Racist police shooting in Renton?
Helping other countries with our money
US giving power to the UN
Mel's Hole, as talked about on Art Bell
Homosexual harassment?
Tech News

Download the audio: The PES - Apr. 15th, 2002 (Right-Click "Save As...")


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